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There was once an old Indian craftsman who carved elephants from blocks of timber. When asked how he did it, he would reply, ‘I just cut away the wood that doesn't look like an elephant.’

That is the philosophy of The Chase, one of the Hasgrove Group’s businesses, but it sums up the essence of a business that places creativity at its very heart.  What we do is simple.  It is the result of great thinkers, great talent, great passion and great ideas.  Simple.

But it is also the consequence of like-minded individuals.  Entrepreneurial in spirit and indomitable by nature.


AGM - Form of Proxy

22nd October 2013

AGM Notice

22nd October 2013

Hasgrove Annual Report 2012

10th May 2013

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Hasgrove Annual Report 2013

27th May 2015

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Hasgrove Annual Accounts 2014

27th July 2015

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