Investor Relations

Board composition and committees

The Company has established an Audit Committee and a Remuneration Committee.

The Audit Committee currently comprises the Non-executive Directors chaired by Godfrey Taylor. It is responsible for ensuring that the financial performance of the Group is properly reported on and monitored and for reviewing the auditor’s reports relating to accounts and internal control systems.

The Remuneration Committee comprises the Non-executive Directors, chaired by Godfrey Taylor. It is responsible for determining and agreeing with the Board the framework for the remuneration of all Executive Directors, the Company Secretary and such other members of the executive management as it is designated to consider. It is furthermore responsible for determining the total individual remuneration packages of each director including, where appropriate, bonuses, incentive payments and share options.

The Company has adopted a share dealing code for Directors and relevant employees and will take proper steps to ensure compliance by the Directors and those employees.