About Hasgrove

The aim of every Hasgrove company is to be its clients’ lead communication partner in its area of expertise.

We strive to earn the right to be involved in our clients’ communication and business strategies.

Our greatest assets are our people and we concentrate on attracting and retaining good people and developing our workforce. We are a group of specialists but our senior people have a wide and deep understanding of communication issues and are capable of developing strategies for clients both large and small.

The overarching Hasgrove culture is designed to nurture specialist skills while promoting interaction between specialists. In order to provide high value strategic advice:

  • Business unit leaders are given full responsibility and authority to run their business based on balanced targets to benefit shareholders, clients and staff. We are continually improving our operational efficiency but this may occasionally be  secondary to a business unit leader’s autonomy.
  • We encourage synergy between business units in a number of ways:
    • Business units are organised into groups each with a manager focussed on synergy and discouraging any business unit optimisation which is at the expense of the group.
    • There are shared resources covering buying, production, marketing and innovation.
    • We are developing intranets, training, problem-sharing and innovation forums to facilitate cross unit cooperation.
    • Implementing incentive schemes to encourage co-operation.
    • Budget, planning and control processes are shared across business units.
  • We support growth by organic development and acquisition to provide skill and geographic coverage. This allows us to provide the breadth and depth of service offering required by our larger clients.
  • We are committed to maintaining and growing a full range of implementation skills. This is an important part of our business and is vital for us to offer real world advice by staying in touch with the rapid changes in the field of communications.
  • Companies that join the group will usually have a reputation for providing strategic services to a blue-chip client base.  Exceptions are likely to be when we are introducing new products and services to the group offering.