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Interact are intranet experts and one of the UK’s longest established internet companies.  Based in Manchester we specialise in providing Europe’s No1 intranet software, Interact.  We have been profitable every year since inception in 1996.

With over ten years intranet expertise Interact has built a reputation for both product excellence and outstanding customer support.  Interact’s customers report tangible benefits resulting in considerable cost savings and rapid return on investment.  Interact is used by over 150,000 people across all sectors - clients include HMV, Chelsea Football Club, Tyco ADT, Tradeteam DHL, Amicus, CLIC Sargent, Calor Gas as well as many public sector, NHS and social housing organisations.

Interact 4.0 is the fourth generation in intranet technology. It overcomes the age old problem of out-of-date and unmanageable content that exists on intranets when more documents are added. At its heart is an intelligence store which learns as people use it, adapts and then re-profiles content. This unique and innovative adaptive learning capability provides organisations with the answer to their knowledge management issues and improves communication and collaboration sets. This sets Interact 4.0 a significant step ahead of the competition.

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