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Interel is a leading European corporate affairs consultancy, specializing in public affairs, corporate communications and association management.

We aim to have the depth and the breadth to deliver an outstanding service to our clients and have therefore taken a conscious decision to focus on areas where we can excel, in markets where we feel at home. We are present with own offices and partners in 15 countries in Europe. We speak the languages, know the cultures, understand the political systems and know who you need to contact to shape an issue or influence the outcome of a legislative process.

The EU market is vast. Close to half a billion affluent consumers in one single market, the largest in the world, but also the most diverse. Our job is to help position our clients relative to the many opportunities that the EU market provides, whilst ensuring that their interests are protected in the face of threats from bad publicity, legislative initiatives or regulatory action.

We count in excess of 140 professionals plus another 130 or so within our partner network, which makes us one of the leading corporate affairs consultancies in Europe. Now that is all very nice of course, but more importantly it gives our clients the assurance that we are where they need us to be, and that we can muster the force, expertise and contacts that they require, when they need it.