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Interel and the UK's Hasgrove join forces for further growth

28th April 2006

The Interel group of companies, regularly voted as one of the ‘best of breed’ PR and Public Affairs companies in Europe is joining the new UK based Hasgrove consortium.

Focused on the communications sector, Hasgrove acquired the leading UK design agency The Chase, in April 2006 and the advertising, PR and new media group Connectpoint in March 2005. This new communication group now plans to develop the business through organic growth and further acquisitions.

By joining Hasgrove, Interel becomes an important shareholder and gains the backing of a consortium combining deep knowledge of the broader communications industry with the financial means and experience to support Interel’s plans for the future. The deal will allow Interel to preserve and strengthen its existing brand, while maintaining its commitment to high quality services and to its international partners.

Hasgrove’s philosophy is to invest in brands and to help managements fulfil their potential and ambitions. After months of negotiations and debate it is that philosophy which has led them from Connectpoint to The Chase and now to Interel with 180 employees across four countries with a strong and profitable communications offering.

Godfrey Taylor, Chairman of Hasgrove and former Senior Partner of the accountancy firm, Deloitte, described the deal as ‘Terrific’ and as ‘fulfilling our plans to create a communications group across Europe which stands for excellence, quality and, for our clients, impact’.

He continued; ‘This is exciting news. We now stand by to support an ambitious growth plan which has been developed by Interel’s outstanding management and staff’.

Rod Hyde, Chief Executive of Hasgrove, said, ‘There is great deal of trade and City interest in our business model. Once we have enjoyed a period of consolidation we will announce the next stage in our plans – all I know is that they will be as exciting and surprising as the events of the past year which has seen fantastic growth’.

Jean-Léopold Schuybroek, Executive Chairman of Interel and one of the founders described the deal as ‘Sound’ and as a ‘Meeting of Minds’.

He said; ‘We first came into contact in 2004 and we quickly realised that their ambitions could match our own and approved of their enlightened approach’.

Furthermore, he said: ‘Hasgrove has demonstrated in a short period that it has the expertise and financial know how to develop in a sustainable way while giving tremendous support to both its brands and their management teams’. 

Jean-Léopold will now join the main Hasgrove board and will play a key role, together with Interel Chief Executive, Fredrik Lofthagen, in developing and expanding the brands.